Diverse Universe by Satellite June

Our next edition “Youth” is very special for us, as it will be the first edition featuring work submitted by photographers from random places around the world who want to be published in Lucida Box.

It will be a time to start a conversation about what matters to us, how we live our lives, what we want to say to strangers who dare to listen, and how we see the world.

When we think about this subject, what we want to achieve while curating this collection of photo-series, we try to focus on the questions, and enigmas of being young. What does it mean to be young in the world, and in our own life as a whole, does it mean something different than being old, is there any difference at all?

I’m sure we all encounter different lessons in life that make us feel we wish we heard this before, or we wish we’d known this before.

We found the work of Satellite June and it instantly spoke to us. It spoke about the doubts and fears of young women, and the acts of liberation through art.

Please take some time to discover the work of this talented photographer who aims to share a healing process through her images.

A bit more about this important and intimate project, by her own voice:

Body image is a subject close to my heart – mostly because it affects (affected) my life on a daily basis.

I started sharing my journey to self-acceptance through honest self-portraits and using instagram as a little journal. This helped me to see my body in a different way. I had a lot of conversations about it and the feeling of being understood took some kind of pressure away – I’m not alone in this – I can share my words and pictures with the world and make this subject seen/heard.

I asked my followers the question if they were happy with their body (at this point in their life) and out of all the ones that answered, just 4 (!!) answered yes – it broke my heart – it is definitely time for a change / and I know that I can’t change the current body image (in the media) on my own – but I’m going to give it a try nonetheless.

A large part of women nowadays have formed their idea of what a beautiful body ‘should’ look like on what is shown in the media. The last few months I’ve spoken to a lot of women about body image and how they feel about their own body (and let me tell you, I was shocked to hear so few were actually happy with their body). It is definitely time to change the message the media is spreading with these images of photoshopped bodies etc. I am proud to be a part of the change that is slowly happening, by showing the world some more beautiful real women through my photography.

I want to show you the beautiful variety of the female body; all ages, shapes, sizes, colors. Real women. Beautiful women.

Hopefully, there will be a day on which all women will find a reflection of themselves in the media and see; I matter. this is normal, this is good. this is beautiful.

Body diversity is so so important.

By sharing these series I hope to slowly help change the current body image to be way more diverse so that women can start to identify themselves more with what they see in the media and hopefully will feel much better about their own unique self.

Not one body is the same, so sending out a single body type into the world is just not okay. Celebrate the differences, everybody is beautiful.




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