Lucida BOX

For film photography lovers around the world.

we are a subscription box that arrives at your house every 3 months, with inspiring surprises that aim to invite you to continue taking pictures in film.

A book with the work of international photographers, who, like you, continue to use this format.

Rolls, accessories, challenges, gifts, and much more.

Today more than ever #filmsnotdead

The Box

The content of the box is a secret and varies in each edition, but you will always find the following elements:

  • Inspirational: Work of other photographers to inspire you and learn from them.
  • Collectible: Although the content varies in each edition, a collectible book is always included where you can also publish your photographs.
  • Interactive: Challenges and proposals for you to put your inspiration into practice and share it with the photographic community.
  • Practical: Film, -the box always includes some rolls- and other tools to achieve these photographs.

Our past edition


The material sent in the first box is authored by photographers invited by the organizers.

We want to thank all the artists who participated in the launch of Lucida Box. We invite you to visit their analogue photography galleries.

You can find out more about how to be published in our book by going to our CHALLENGE page.

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