The Story of Lucida Box from the voice of Vicky Darias.

To love analogue photography is to love above all its craft process. The randomness that sometimes appears without asking permission and that, as if by magic, is revealed in an image that has a lot of ourselves but in the unexpected, it managed to be wonderful.

It is to love the revolution of light.

Photography is not only the time of what it has been and its nostalgia but also we, ourselves, holding the object, contemplating it and enjoying it. It is to take responsibility for being in this present moment, to reflect from all this and continue creating with a sense of life.

The story of Lucida has a lot to do with all of this.

“What I love most about this experience is living my youth intensely and not passively”

One day I saw a post on a blog, about a young woman who travelled the world, a fan of Patti Smith, who loved music and festivals.

In the article, she talked about her experience of what it was like to live far from her home and how important were the friendships that surrounded her. I did not hesitate to share it, I thought it was incredible!

A year later, I went in to reread it because I had loved it and that’s when I realized that I knew her from analogue Facebook groups, like “Analog Photography by Mail.”

We talked and shared our ideas of what it felt like in the days when you received a letter by mail: anxiety, touch with the paper and the story in which you were allowed to immerse yourself.

Sofi told me that she was not in Amsterdam anymore, as at the time of the article, but in Spain.

I always admired the born travellers for their ability to explore beyond fears, daring what escapes the plans.

Friendship quickly arose, it was not very difficult to stay with huge eyes listening to her thousands of crazy experiences, as a child who listens to a fantastic story.

We decided to do Lucida. Day by day the project was strengthened, until this past January when Lucida launched her first box for sale!

Lucida Box emerged from the mix of the best of each and our love for the film.

It is the result of the personal and collective search. Lucida is the daring to play in “the box of memories” but with the creative and transforming power that only those who register have. The power of things to cross us. The power to oppose living passively.

–  Vicky Darias –
Head of Communications
Lucida Box

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